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In Season Pricing Begins Sunday, May 19th 2024

Membership is year to date and is non-transferable, non-freezable and non-refundable. Membership includes use of our facilities including the gymnasium, pool, fitness center, cardio center, group fitness studio, cycling studio, game room, multi-purpose rooms, saunas, steam rooms, and locker rooms.

Upon joining the Ephrata Recreation Center, all members are issued a personal membership card with photo ID. Your membership card is your key to accessing the Rec. Please have your card ready to scan at our front entrance.

Participation in recreation or competitive activities entails some risk of injury. The Rec does not provide medical or accidental injury insurance coverage and is not responsible for your lost, stolen, or misplaced items. We reserve the right to suspend and/or dismiss a member, without refund, for unsuitable, destructive or criminal behavior. Abuse of your membership, including letting others use your membership card, can result in revocation without refund.

Rec Center Code of Conduct


Membership Descriptions

Preschool: Up to 5 years of age. At least one (1) parent must be a member in order for a preschooler to be eligible to receive the member rate for classes. The primary legal residence of the preschooler must be in the home of the parent(s) who has the Rec membership.

Student: Ages 6-18 years

Individual: Ages 19 years and over.

Couple: Husband and Wife who legally reside in the home as their primary residence.

Family: Husband, Wife, & Children, up to 22 years of age, who legally reside in the home as their primary residence.

Matinee: Individual or Couple with access to the facility Monday thru Friday 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Month to Month: Individual, Couple or Family memberships are month-to-month, No Annual Commitment.

Platinum Individual and Couple: Offers unlimited aerobics, aquatic fitness, group cycling, yoga and babysitting free

Platinum Family: unlimited aerobics, aquatic fitness, group cycling, yoga, youth fitness classes, swim lessons, pre-school classes, youth athletics, babysitting free. Preschool Play Activity not included.

Note: The following applies to all payment plans and payment types:

  1. The Start-up fee is a one-time fee for new members that is payable at the time of registration. Any membership expired over 30 days is considered a new membership.
  2. Couples with different last names must show proof that they reside at the same address at the time of purchase to qualify for a couple or family membership, regardless of payment type.
  3. Children who reside in the home may remain on a family membership until 22 years of age.
  4. EFT Memberships with one (1) year minimum term will have annual Administration Fee debited from the account each year on or around the second of the month of the anniversary date.

Membership Rates

Membership TypeRateStart-up FeeAnnual Admin Fee
Individual (pre-paid – annual) $324$25 NA
Individual (EFT – monthly*)$28.50$25$35
Individual Month to Month (EFT)$43.50$25NA
Individual Matinee (pre-paid – annual)$241$25NA
Individual Matinee (EFT – monthly*)$20.50$25$35
Individual Platinum (pre-paid – annual)$736$25 NA
Individual Platinum (EFT – monthly*)$62.50$25$35
Couple (pre-paid – annual)$513$50 NA
Couple (EFT – monthly*)$43.50$50$60
Couple Month to Month (EFT)$57.50$50NA
Couple Matinee (pre-paid – annual)$322$50NA
Couple Matinee (EFT – monthly*)$27.50$50$60
Couple Platinum (pre-paid – annual)$1088$50NA
Couple Platinum (EFT – monthly*)$92$50$60
Family (pre-paid – annual)$668.00$50NA
Family (EFT – monthly*)$56.50$50$60
Family Month to Month (EFT)$69.50$50NA
Family Platinum (pre-paid – annual)$1224$50NA
Family Platinum (EFT – monthly*)$103.50$50$60

Sign Up for Membership

You can print a membership application below and bring into the Ephrata Rec Center’s Front Desk. All major credit cards are accepted for annual memberships. In addition, the front desk also accepts personal check or cash.

Payments can also be set up using Electronic Funds Transfer. This is an annual membership, paid by monthly charges that will automatically come out of your designated bank account. You must apply for EFT’s at the front desk, not online. New EFT memberships have a one-time Start-up Fee. There is also an Administration Fee debited annually for one (1) year minimum EFT memberships on the anniversary date.

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Clicking on the above links will allow you to print, fill out and bring into front desk for sign-up.

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