Rec logoCode of Conduct

Game room

  • Shirts and shoes are required in all areas of The Rec, except pool, and locker rooms.
  • The Rec is a nonsmoking facility.
  • To use or to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at The Rec is against the law. We will consider it a police matter.
  • Profanity, destructive behavior or abusive actions will not be tolerated.
  • We ask that all food and drinks remain in the designated areas in the game room. No food or drinks may be brought into the Rec from outside the building.
  • The Rec reserves the right to suspend and/or dismiss a member, without refund, for unsuitable, destructive or criminal behavior.

Supervision of Children

We request that any children 7 years of age and younger be supervised by a responsible adult who is in the building. Children who are absent from school (ill or truant) are not permitted in The Rec during school hours. Students that are home-schooled need to be in the company of a parent during traditional school hours.

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