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Healthy Picnic Ideas

Have you planned your menu?

Picnics are a perfect get away. They get us away from the television, computers and everything else that keeps us plugged in, often, tuned out, and busy all day long. Picnics are an ideal way to be with your family and friends.

Unfortunately, for anyone living a healthy lifestyle it also may bring big juicy burgers, fried chicken, baked beans loaded with brown sugar and sugar filled beverages.

To avoid a disaster this holiday weekend or any holiday gathering, you must plan! Plan to bring a healthy dish as your contribution to the picnic and if you are the host then it becomes much easier.

Ideas for a Healthy picnic:

  1. Kebobs: If everyone is going to be grilling, instead of bringing prepackaged hot dogs or greasy burgers, make up some chicken kebobs. It is a great way to grill chicken quickly. Add some veggies like bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and onions and you will have a delicious grilled variation to the traditional picnic fare!
  2. Turkey or Chicken Burgers: If you want something more like a standard burger, try these. They have less calories and fat than a beef burger; don’t forget to add the whole grain bun! YUM!
  3. Watermelon: Some standard picnic fare actually falls within the healthy category. Watermelon can offer a sweet treat that is low in calories and tastes great. Why not add a watermelon seed spitting contest while enjoying this sweet and refreshing treat?
  4. Fruit: If watermelon is not your favorite a beautiful fruit salad will suffice, try pineapple, green grapes, strawberries, banana, and blueberries.

You now have some menu choices but what about beverages?

It is important to stay hydrated when outdoors especially in the humidity we’ve been experiencing in the last week or so. Bring along or serve plenty of water; need a little pizzazz? Squeeze lemons, oranges, berries and other fruits into your glass. If you must have something other than water try seltzers or unsweetened tea.

Just a safety reminder, no matter what foods you bring to a picnic or serve at your own picnic, it is important to store them properly. Keep refrigerator foods chilled so that things say safe to consume.

I do hope you start to plan a healthy and wonderful picnic for your family and friends. Enjoy your holiday and be healthy while doing it!

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