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Choice vs. Commitment

Week seven is upon us…only three more weeks until your ten weeks is up. What are you going to do after the ten weeks is up? Now is the time for you to begin thinking about this NOT when we are done and you do not have a plan. Right now you have to make that plan for living your healthy lifestyle the rest of your life.

Natalie, Bern, Rachel and I have given you tools that all of you have used to break through old habits…exercise habits, eating habits, and negative thought patterns. You have gotten rid of the old negative healthy lifestyle and replaced it with the new and improved healthy lifestyle. You can move on, but you have to realize that this will take a lifetime commitment, it is not a choice!

This past Saturday, Natalie and I were talking about the words Choice and Commitment. Let’s look at the definitions for choice and commitment.

Choice: Act of choosing; to select or pick from

Commitment: Being committed; carry over or pledge

You made a choice to sign up for Biggest Loser and once we began you committed to ten weeks. Now you have a choice to continue your commitment to your healthy lifestyle throughout life. Start to plan and set your goals now! Start thinking on how you are going to stay on track and not go back to your old habits! Think outside of the box…try something new….look at the program guide for the Rec Center…we have so many different classes…try one or try many, I can guarantee you, you will love our classes. We also have many different group training classes that are for everyone….so there really is no excuse for you not to commit to a healthy lifestyle! Now you have a choice to continue your commitment to your healthy lifestyle…who is committed?

I leave you with this quote from Susan Polis Schutz:

Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well...

Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly...

Take the power to control your own life; no one can do it for you!