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Mon - Fri........ *5:00am - 9:00pm
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Swim Lessons


Girl Scout & Boy Scout Badge Work


Troop leaders may bring in their group to earn their badge! Water safety, boating, swimming and more! Fee varies upon group instruction. Contact Tim Albert at 738-1167 x112 for more information and to set up a date and time!


Pre School Swim Classes


For a list of PreSchool Swim Classes, click here.


Private Swim Lessons


Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons are available. Contact Cindy Drob at 738-1167 EXT 112

Prices for private lessons (Price is PER person)
Members: $22/half hour -$125 (6 pack) save $7
Non-members: $32/half hour -$185 (6 pack) save $7

Prices for semi-private lessons (Price is PER person)
Members $20/half hour $110 (six pack) Save $10
Non-members $25/half hour $140 (six pack) Save $10


Youth Swim Lessons


Learn to swim safely and correctly in a learn-to-swim class. Lessons are taught by qualified Water Safety Instructors along with trained aides. Classes include safety skills, and endurance work along with swimming skills. For ages 6 - 14.

Minnow (Level 1): For beginner swimmers and includes submerging head, floating and intro to freestyle and backstroke.

Guppy (Level 2): Stroke Development Builds on skills learned in Minnow and begin treading water, rotary breathing and elementary backstroke.

Sunfish (Level 3): Stroke Improvement - freestyle, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, beginning breaststroke and butterfly kick.

Shark: Refine sidestroke, breaststroke and butterfly; Increase endurance and learn proper turns.

Wed. June 14 - Wed. Aug. 9