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Portion Control

One topic I receive quite a few questions about is portion control: what is it? How do I know if I’ve got the right portion? What does a serving size look like? And, what’s the difference between a portion size and a serving size? These are all good questions and got me thinking about ‘serving’ and ‘portion’. These two are often used interchangeably, but really, are two different categories. A portion is what you put on your plate, a serving is a recommended amount established by guidelines such as the USDA Food Pyramid. For example, the recommended serving size in the grains and cereal category is 1 oz. 1 oz of cooked rice amount to ½ C serving. When you look at your plate, do you have a portion that is 2-3 times the recommended serving size? If so, it can easily add 1-300 calories per meal. Yep, you read that correctly….1-300 calories per meal.

One way to combat the extra calories is to look at the package and see what the serving size is, make sure you adhere to it, and of course, record it in your food log. Sometimes, however, when you’re cooking from scratch, at a party, or out to dinner you may be presented a challenge in correctly gauging what a serving size is. I’ve inserted a table for you to look over so you can get an idea or ‘guesstimate’ what a serving size might be which will help to keep your portion size in check!

Grains One Serving Equals That's About The Size Of
Bread 1 ounce (1 small slice, 1/2 bagel, 1/2 bun) Index Card
Cooked Grains 1/2 cup cooked oats, rice, pasta Pool Ball
Dry Cereal 1/2 cup flakes, puffed rice, shredded wheat Pool Ball

Fruits/Veggies One Serving Equals That's About The Size Of
Raw Fruit 1/2 cup raw, canned, frozen fruit Pool Ball
Dried Fruit 1/4 cup raisins, prunes, apricots An Egg
Juice 6 oz 100% fruit or vegetable juice Hockey Puck
Raw Vegetables 1 cup leafy greens, baby carrots Baseball
Billiard Ball 1/2 cup cooked broccoli, potatoes Hockey Puck

Proteins One Serving Equals That's About The Size Of
Meat & Tofu 2-3 oz cooked beef, poultry, fish, tofu Deck Of Cards
Beans 1/2 cup cooked beans, split peas, legumes Pool Ball
Nuts & Seeds 2 Tbsp nuts, seeds, or nut butters Ping Pong Ball

Dairy One Serving Equals That's About The Size Of
Cheese 1 ounce or 1 thin slice of cheese A Pair Of Dice
Milk 1 cup milk, yogurt, soy milk Baseball

Fats/Oils One Serving Equals That's About The Size Of
Fats & Oils 1 tsp butter, margarine, oil One Die