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Meet The Trainers

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trainer - Bernadette

Bernadette Sheaffer

Certified Personal Trainer, NETA; Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, AFPA; SCW Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor

Bernadette has been certified in personal training for 4 years and has had the opportunity to train clients of varying backgrounds, abilities and goals. Having always had a desire to help others, Bernadette enjoys designing programs to fit her clients’ needs – from weight-loss to endurance, strength to event training and more.

Running has been a passion of Bernadette’s for many years and she has completed numerous 5K’s, and ½ marathons. Her love for new challenges has led her to compete in obstacle course races and lead Boot Camp-style workouts for group training sessions. This passion keeps her on the forefront of fitness and affords her the opportunity to offer workouts that are fresh, bold, and designed to keep you focused.

Bernadette brings skills and experience in business, food service management, and customer service to help keep her clients happy, motivated, and on track. Her desire to help others has led her to pursue her Wellness and Nutrition Consultant certification as well as continuing education credits within the personal training field.

Favorite Quote: ‘Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out’

trainer - Keith

Keith Boatman

Certified Silver and Fit Trainer, CPT, CGI, Fitour.

I have years of experience in Personal Training, Fitness and Competitive Bodybuilding. I have worked with every type of client in every age group. I recognize each person’s needs are unique and I create client specific success programs that are designed around individual’s abilities and goals. My areas of focus include weight loss, toning, strength training as well as competitive body building. I have an understanding and passion for fitness and my clients. My dedication and commitment to fitness motivates my clients to achieve goals and get results!.

I am excited about the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how I can help you in attaining your personal goals.

Keith Boatman 717-537-5133

trainer - Kim

Kim Swinko

Certified personal trainer, National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA)

Her interest in fitness began when she was a participant in a wellness program which incorporated nutrition and physical training. She developed a passion for wanting to pay this knowledge forward to help others feel good about themselves.

Kim’s experience includes 9 years as a group fitness instructor with the Ephrata Recreation Center. She is certified with Les Mills as a Body Pump instructor and has been leading water classes for all ages.

When not training, Kim enjoys spending time at the shore boating, clamming and biking with family and friends.

Favorite Fitness Quote:
“Your mind will give up before your body. Turn off your mind and power through.”

Brianna Baker

ISSA Personal Trainer, ISSA CEU Knee Problems, ISSA CEU Sprains and Strains

Brianna has dedicated her life to helping others improve the quality of theirs, through maximizing stability and balance within the body, building strong bones, tendons, and ligaments, as well as offering needed nutritional coaching. Throughout the 4+ years of assisting over 350 clients meet their goals, she has learned that her passion is to focus primarily on prevention of injury, faster recovery from previous injuries, as well as all around basic human maintenance. “The most prominent issue that I have seen in the gym” says Brianna “Is that people neglect to fix the small tweaks in their body, which later causes an injury resulting in months, sometimes even years spent out of the gym. My desire is to help people understand they do not need to live with stiffness, pain, or immobility, and that it’s even dangerous to do so”. She is able to help clients achieve safety when performing by teaching proper form to functional movements that will help to correct and build a strong posture. With a solid structural base, she believes there is less room for injury in the gym as well as in everyday life.

Brianna has never been one to enjoy sports. In high school she competed as a thrower on Garden Spots Track and Field team, and through doing that realized that she really enjoyed Individual Competition as opposed to playing in organized team sports. Thanks to her coach, she was able to learn the basics of proper form and posture as it relates to lifting and soon became a member of the NH Rec Center. It didn’t take long for the thirst for competition set in again, and she began pursuing CrossFit. Between moving across the states to Arizona and back, she has been a member of several CrossFit Gyms and has had a wide variety of coaching. Her fitness journey has not always been a smooth one, but she is thankful for that. It gives perspective on relating to others, as well as a new meaning to the word dedication.

Brianna's Favorite Fitness Quote:
"You have the mind, but you have not the body, and without the help of the body the mind cannot go as far as it should. You MUST MAKE THE BODY"

trainer - Shannon

Rachel Schmuck

Certified Personal Trainer

After losing 100 lbs. in the Rec’s Biggest Loser Program, Rachel Schmuck became a team mentor and eventually broadened her outlook and became a Personal Trainer. A popular trainer in the program, Rachel helps each member of her team set, reach for and attain the goal they have set for themselves.

Outside of the Biggest Loser program, you can find Rachel leading clients through group training sessions in an effort to introduce them to personal training or helping them stay on track after completing the Rec’s Biggest Loser Program. When Rachel is not at the Rec working up a sweat or putting her clients through their paces, she enjoys spending time with family and friends along with traveling to the beach.

Favorite Quote: ‘I don’t have an ultimate goal weight because the scale does not define me. I define me; Active, Healthy, Happy’

Photo and Bio Coming Soon

April Mendenhall

Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Aqua and Silver Sneaker Instructor, FiTour

Always active as a high school athlete, April Mendenhall began her fitness journey in 2013 and finding her passion while taking classes at the Rec. Soon after, she became a Personal Trainer in the Rec’s Biggest Loser Program and instructing Group Fitness, Aquatic and Silver Sneaker classes.

An enthusiastic trainer, she enjoys walking people through their personal fitness and nutritional objectives. She finds the best part is watching them conquer the “little” things that help them obtain their goals.

When April is not at the Rec teaching, she enjoys spending time cheering on her 8 children in their activities and sporting events.

Favorite Quote: ‘I don’t have an ultimate goal weight because the scale does not define me. I define me; Active, Healthy, Happy’